Learning Analytics for Everyone, Part 1: What are “learning analytics”? (An explainer video.)

This is the first post in a series of “Learning Analytics for Everyone.”

I have found that sometimes, the explanation of learning analytics is preaching to the choir. Meaning – much of the language we use to speak about learning analytics is too jargon-based, leaving out the very people who need to understand it to inform teaching and learning. We don’t just want learning researchers to talk to each other, we want teachers, instructors, professors, and students to feel empowered to understand, implement, and create analytics as well. I’d like to change some of that.

More than once (many times, in fact) people have said “Learning analytics. Wow, I would love to learn about it, but it sounds too complicated!” When in fact, if we only helped them realize that reading and understanding them doesn’t need to be any more intimidating than using a Fitbit and looking at your results for the week.

Not everyone needs to be the developer behind the Fitbit displays. But if people don’t understand the graphs or information behind the visualizations, what good are they?

In learning, we have the power to impact the trajectory of human’s lives. Teachers can feel like they’re spending more time doing what they do best – teaching and motivating learners. Students can feel like they’re understanding where they are at and where they need to go!

That said, this video is the first installment of Learning Analytics for everyone, in “Learning Analytics, what is it?”. 🙂



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