Learning Analytics for Everyone, Part 1: What are “learning analytics”? (An explainer video.)

This is the first post in a series of “Learning Analytics for Everyone.”

I have found that sometimes, the explanation of learning analytics is preaching to the choir. Meaning – much of the language we use to speak about learning analytics is too jargon-based, leaving out the very people who need to understand it to inform teaching and learning. We don’t just want learning researchers to talk to each other, we want teachers, instructors, professors, and students to feel empowered to understand, implement, and create analytics as well. I’d like to change some of that. Continue reading

An Optimistic Message for Ed Tech PhD Grads

I simply resonate with this article, “A Scholar, But Not a Professor” by Michael R. Wing.

There are so many more opportunities out there for Ph.D. grads than they are told. Tenure-track professorships, yes that is fantastic – but let’s be real, it’s not reasonable for everyone to get one (and they don’t.) I can’t move my family around the U.S. Economy isn’t what it used to be. But this guy spells it out really well…there’s a way you can scratch that itch and be connected to creating new knowledge. And it doesn’t even have to be your ‘fallback’ or ‘second choice’… Wonderful opportunities just might be right in front of you, hidden in plain sight.